The national debt of the United States has surpassed over $23 trillion and this is the first time ever that US National debt has increased so much higher.

A website U.S Debt Clock reports that the United States national debt has hit $23 trillion. It is also reported that the ratio of debt to GDP (gross domestic product) is now standing at 106.65%. And the debt per US citizen is $69,724.

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National Debt Tweets has tweeted this on 1st Nov 2019.

Now 23,000,000,000,000 reasons to buy Bitcoin

A bitcoin advocate twitter personality, Rhythm has mentioned this news in the tweet and says that every dollar of the United States national debt is a reason to buy bitcoins. This means that now there are $23 trillion reasons to buy the coin.

As he says:

The US national debt just hit $23 trillion. There’s now 23,000,000,000,000 reasons to buy bitcoin.


Bee Capital bv has also commented on this and says that that is more than $1,000,000 debt per 1 bitcoin.

Central Banking is about to go bust

Max Keiser who is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur has recently said in his interview with tech news outlet Hackernoon that this now will result in the favor of bitcoin and central banks are contributing to the success of the world’s leading digital asset.

Central banking is now about to burst and all the fiat money will die soon. United States Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing monetary policy has an impact on the price value of the bitcoin.

It bottomed when the Fed signaled ‘Infinite QE’ recently at around $3,300 BTC. Global Central Banking is about to go bust. […] All fiat money will die.


Recently, the United States Federal Reserve has printed more new money than the whole market capitalization of Bitcoin that is almost $165 billion.


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