The year 2020 seems to be a peak year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. A prominent Republican Congressional candidate disclosed in his recent tweet that he is going to invest in Bitcoin in the coming decade and called it a wise investment.

Conservative Congressional Candidate

Pete D’Abrosca, a conservative congressional candidate for North Carolina’s 7th district shared his wish to invest in digital gold in the coming decade. According to him, it is wise to invest in bitcoin. Besides BTC, he is also interested in ammunition as he declared in his tweet.

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The interest of political leaders towards cryptocurrency is telling that crypto is near to make its place at the political level.

Bakkt CEO to US Senator

Another big achievement on the part of the digital finance industry is the selection of a recognized Bitcoin opponent for the seat of a senator. It is reported to Tokenhell that Kelly Loeffler, the former Chief Executive of BTC futures exchange Bakkt is going to become an interim senator from Georgia.

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The political condition in the US is very complex and opposition parties are determined to replace Donald Trump from the President’s seat.

Kelly Loeffler will stand with our president, Senator Perdue, and their allies in the House and Senate to keep America great,

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said at the introduction ceremony.

Loeffler also has a strong back from the crypto community as the announcement of Loeffler’s selection for senator seat is welcomed by crypto lovers and passed well wishes for her. She will have to participate in the election 2020 if she wants to retain her seat in the house. Interestingly, she has a strong belief that she is the rightful candidate for the seat.

As everyone knows that Trump is against the cryptocurrency due to its volatile nature. His tweets about crypto also show hatred towards the crypto industry.

Another famous democratic candidate, Andrew Yang, announced in 2018 that he will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies for the presidential campaign.

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