The social media site Twitter has stopped users from sharing bitcoin (BTC) addresses on the site after the site was hacked on Wednesday by hackers who used twitter accounts of famous personalities for the promotion of a fake bitcoin giveaway program and earned a significant amount out of it. In a strict response to this hack, Twitter has disabled users from posting tweets having numbers and letters.

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Sharing of wallet addresses blocked on Twitter

Twitter is currently trying to find out a solution to cope up with Wednesday’s broad hack and therefore, it has blocked the sharing of crypto wallet addresses on the site. Whenever a twitter user tries to post a string of letters and numbers on the site, the user receives this response each time, “Something went wrong, but don’t fret – let’s give it another shot”.


Twitter’s this initiative of blocking the sharing of Bitcoin wallet addresses or any string of numbers and letters on the site is not meant to cause any trouble to its users rather it has been taken to stop scammers from scamming innocent people who willingly send their crypto assets to their fake charity or reward programs.

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Some people in the community are blaming the leading digital currency Bitcoin as it was involved in this hack and are asking for a ban on it.

Twitter bot Whale Alert also got blocked

These restrictions imposed by Twitter on the site have caused problems for the famous Twitter bot Whale Alert as it has been blocked as well. Whale Alert is known for sharing crypto transfers and information on wallet addresses. But now, after being restricted from Twitter, it is not allowed to share any such details or make any post related to crypto transfers.

As the Twitter bot said on July 16, 2020:

“Due to anti-hack measures taken by Twitter the Whale Alert bot can no longer post any transfers and we cannot manually add them either. We hope Twitter will resolve the issue soon. Transfers are still being posted to our Telegram channel:”

Reportedly, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is going to investigate this wide-spread Twitter hack and is expected to conduct an inquiry on it to go into further details.

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