The project of “My reveal” by Satoshi Nakamoto goes on as Nakamoto has revealed some facts about his 980,000 Bitcoins. The project of my reveal consists of three-part series; in the first part, he made the announcement about his identity as the creator of Bitcoin.

Part-2 and Part-3 of My Reveal

In part-2 and part-3 of my reveal, Satoshi Nakamoto has discussed some unknown facts about his 980,000 Bitcoins. Both of these parts are combined as Ivy McLemore says that the first part was well appreciated by the people.

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He says that in order to show my vision I hired a PR company that will express my vision in a possible manner. He says that Ivy McLemore and her team are trying their level best to portray my vision to the people.

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Loss of 980,000 Bitcoins

Satoshi Nakamoto says that he had to lose his 980,000 Bitcoins because of some hard drives crashing. He also said that his emails were hacked by some hackers, so he lost his emails as well.

As he says


I had lost my original emails because my email accounts were hacked, I had lost my 980,000 Bitcoins because of the hard drive crashing, and I had no digital signature because I never planned to reveal myself.

The claim of James Bilal Khalid Caan

It is claimed by James Bilal Khalid Caan who seems to be a British Pakistanian citizen that he is the creator of Bitcoin. The claim was made by Mr. Caan on August 19.

He said that he handed his laptop into an electronic shop in order to repair, during this he had to lose his private keys. He says that when he got back the laptop, all of the Bitcoins were disappeared.

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He said that he was also doing some experiments in order to secure the wallets for Bitcoin because he did not want to leave the important wallet data files in the hard drives but he could not find any other secure platform.

As he says

I was also experimenting on many ways to secure the wallets for Bitcoin and how not to leave important Bitcoin data. I was so conscious not to leave the wallet.dat file or private keys in redundant or backup hard drives, as there were no secure cloud platforms at that point. And, as I described earlier, I was truly paranoid.


It has been a mystery of the real identity of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and his 980,000 Bitcoins and in this three-part series, he has disclosed some of the unknown facts like the loss of his private keys, his hard drive crash, and loss of his 980,000 Bitcoins.

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