At the moment, the Bitcoin trading service is in beta test and after a few more days as soon as the beta testing stage gets done, the service will be available for all customers. Now users do not need to have an exchange to buy or sell bitcoin because this service enables them to trade bitcoin directly on its Hype platform.

The private Italian Bank Banca Sella was founded in 1886 and is known as one of the oldest and most famous banks in Italy. Banca Sella has released the Bitcoin trading service on its “Hype” trading platform.


Bitcoin trading is the latest addition on the Hype platform

The service of Bitcoin trading introduced by the Italian bank is the latest addition on the Hype platform. Banca Sella’s Hype platform is currently operating with more than 1.2 million customers. This means that this new trading service will be available for 1.2 million customers.

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According to the bank, currently, only a few customers have access to the Bitcoin trading service because it is in the testing period. However, the bank says that after the completion of the beta testing stage, all customers will be able to get access to this new trading service. “The service is currently in beta test on a small group of HYPE Plus customers. A few more days and it will be available to all customers” according to the statement of the bank.

Hype will let you send BTC to your contacts

While trading on the Hype platform, users will get various options. Users can send Bitcoins to the contacts in their address book or if they prefer to use this function to pay for their purchases, then they can do this also “in all cases where payment by cryptocurrency is expected”.

However, users should be aware of the fact that they will be charged only one percent on all of the transactions by the bank.

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The Coronavirus epidemic is raging in the country at the moment. Over 3400 death cases have been confirmed in the country. Despite this, Banca Sella has launched this service and in terms of mass adoption, it is being considered as a positive move made by the bank.


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