The well-known cryptocurrency analyst and trader, PlanB who is also known as the author of Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow model has come up with another statement regarding the leading digital asset Bitcoin.


PlanB says that Bitcoin is going to be something bigger than just a digital asset. PlanB recently had a discussion with the crypto influencer named Peter McCormack and talked about the future of Bitcoin and his Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow model. He says that in the world of financial markets, such kinds of stock-to-flow models are already available for various assets. He believes that this model is beneficial as it helps us to understand deeply the scarce nature of Bitcoin.

The status of Bitcoin is much higher

The crypto analyst views Bitcoin differently as compared to other analysts. He thinks that Bitcoin is not a toy anymore nor it is an asset rather ‘it is going to be much bigger than that’.

PlanB also talks about various stages of Bitcoin and says that Bitcoin was just a toy in its first stage and when its price value touched $1 that was its second stage. In the third stage, bitcoin saw a huge rise in its mass adoption and price value. According to PlanB, it is now going to enter into its fourth historical stage and the status of Bitcoin is much higher on the brink of this stage.

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The top-notch crypto analyst considers Bitcoin a financial instrument in the current financial world. It will not be surprising for the crypto analyst if a nation or country uses the leading digital asset for the purpose of cross-border settlements in the future. The concepts of e-cash or e-Gold are very far behind Bitcoin.

During his discussion, he also highlighted the importance of his Bitcoin’s Stock-to-flow model, and a host of research has been done to check the accuracy of his model he said. Recently, a prominent economist Alex Kruger shed a light on this model and said that it is as reliable as moon cycles.


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