Gone are the days when the definition of currency revolved around the physical presence of paper or any other metals. In the current era, with the inception of digital alternatives, the definition of currencies has changed drastically. Among the digital currencies, Bitcoin was the first one to be globalized so fast, and that runs on an extensive decentralized network.

Though the value of Bitcoin is known to be quite stable, on the same page, the other currencies have a highly volatile price, and Bitcoins are surely known to be the future of digital transactions. Here are the three ways that show how you can earn Bitcoins without buying them. Have a look!

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1. Mining

Mining is elementarily the process where you can get Bitcoins by using a precisely fabricated Bitcoin Miner. In this process you wither need to contract with the cloud mining sector or install a physical hardware at your home. In this process you don’t need to buy Bitcoins directly; instead it is a relatively long term investment, and it includes letting you buy the hardware at your place and run 24/7 hrs to earn free Bitcoins.

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This is probably one of the best methods to get Bitcoins without purchasing them directly from the market because it can be a great option in the long run. You need to invest once, and then you can start getting Bitcoins. You don’t need to put any efforts but maintaining zero power cuts is necessary if you want to earn a decent amount daily.

2. Trading

Trading means selling something as valuable Bitcoins like that of documents, commodities, shares, real money or dividends online to earn Bitcoins. This is quite similar to money trading, but the main difference is that instead of cash here, Bitcoin is the primary medium for selling and buying.

Besides you don’t need to get confused about the places where the trading happens because there are internet brokers who can bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller. Though the process can be beneficial at times, you can’t ignore the fact that there is a massive risk of losing your earning throughout the process as well.

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3. Free Bitcoins

There are also several ways through which you can get Bitcoins for free like that of in the processes that require you to work in the faucet sites. Some games can offer you Bitcoins as rewards for playing online. You can view ads, and you can be paid free bitcoin for that purpose. This is a great way to kill your time and earn some Bitcoins without falling for the traps. You can always earn Bitcoins in this way but make sure that you don’t fall for the traps and scams.

Bitcoins offer less transaction fee; they are computerized and give you full control of your money and are impossible to fake. Switch to Bitcoins by using these three easy ways, and you will never regret your decision.


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