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In this post, I’ll explain how to increase blog traffic. Everybody intends to rank their blog highly in SEO, well mostly everyone who is serious about treating their blog as a business. A lot of people seek new ways for websites/blogs to gain popularity in short amounts of time but many fail to do so. Increasing blog traffic through organic reach can be done if you employ the correct strategies. For an increase in traffic, you will need proper planning and technique, one thing in blogging is that you have work smarter rather than work harder.

To become popular on the internet it is really necessary to follow some major responsive steps. Bring more visitors to websites for growing traffic is a tricky thing to do. Here, I will provide some genuine effective tricks for website traffic growth.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

1. Use Linkable Content

It is the most important part to get traffic online. You have to choose your topic carefully and try to make the content interesting so that the visitors spend some time on your website reading about the product. For Keyword research you can use Google Keyword planner! I use it in order to make long tailed keywords that don’t have too much competition already. This way, it will be more likely to rank highly in Google!

2. Make the Title Catchy

Every topic that you choose for your blog should have an interesting title. As you might have guessed readers want to read a post after reading an attention-grabbing title. I am not suggesting that you post a misleading title, however, spend some time thinking of a title that you would probably want to click and read more about.

Here are some basic tips:

  1. Try and make the title be a question. For example, How Can You Make $200 Fast?
  2. Always try to give countdowns such as Top 5. For example, Top 5 Companies to Refinance Your Student Loans
  3. You can also grab people’s attention by HOW TO titles. For example, How To Start A Blog (Simple Guide for Beginners)

3. Maintain Blog Frequency

It might not be seen by many bloggers as being important but it is one of the best ways that you can reach visitors through search engines. If you post enough articles and maintain a frequent posting schedule then it will be better for your readers to follow you regularly. It’s not that hard either to maintain posting frequency. You have to post regularly that may be daily or three blog posts a week.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should write according to your blog’s niche. It’s necessary to post regular topic to make a bond with others. Maintain regular posts so your readers can build trust and your site. Being in touch with other users is also required to get traffic. And last, is sharing with others is the main thing to reach people or to be known by people.

4. Revisit Traffic

New visitors are good for the development of any blog but what about the readers who visit your site regularly. Actually, they are the one who visits your site regularly and they should not be ignored! These users are the most important as when you plan on monetizing your blog, they will be more inclined to follow your recommendations. So for them, create an appealing call to action on your homepage or somewhere highly visited on your blog in order to get their email address. That way, you can alert them of new posts via email which will keep them coming back.

5. Social Sharing

A good source for the growth of your blog traffic is through social media and it is one of the best ways to get more traffic. People all around the world are using this trick bring more visitors to their blog. How did you come to this post? Was it through Tweet that My Millennial Guide tweeted about? For some the readers, that may be the case! My point is there are various ways to increase your traffic just by posting your blog posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so many more options are available to you.

Once you get into the habit of sharing your post on your basic social media channels, you can opt to get your blog post to go viral by sharing it on over 29 different channels as detailed by the StartupBros in this post: Viral Blog Post.

6. Backlinks

The main part of the overall content to get a higher domain authority to rank higher in SEO is through link building. It’s observed by many bloggers that having backlinks on higher authority sites could make the site rank higher. It plays a major role in any successful site. Getting backlinks for the site is tough but you can do this easily by asking other sites for guest posts, submitting guest posts to news publications, or searching “Submit Guest Post” on google to see available sites that accept guest posts. Did you know that Millennial Money Guide happily accepts guest posts? Go here to visit their guidelines and get a guest post on this site! Backlinks could boost your traffic to a much higher level.

Monetization Methods

Once you start driving in some traffic it makes sense to monetize your blog. There are so many different affiliate programs to choose from. You have Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, FlexOffers, and the list goes on and on. I have been blogging for years and I personally had the best experience and ROI with MaxBounty Affiliate Program.

MaxBounty is an industry leading performance marketing network connecting trusted and skilled affiliate marketers with vetted high paying advertisers on a cost-per-action basis. I like them because the user dashboard for Affiliates is so user-friendly and you can see every single click that you receive. I’ve tried most programs and I have had the best traction with them. Do you have a favorite affiliate program? Leave a comment below as I would love to know about it!

Click here to sign up to become an affiliate with MaxBounty.


This article is about how to increase blog traffic, the tips given here are most helpful for beginners. Creating quality content to deliver impressive and informative articles is key and that will get readers to keep coming back. Make your blog rank by sharing it on social media platforms in order to promote engagement. All you need to do, for beginners is to follow all necessary steps that have been mentioned here to get more visitors to your blog.

Author Bio: Subhankar Das is a blogger at Smart Vive. It is a tech-oriented informative website which deals with various sectors of technology such as smartphones, apps, games, and SEO.


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