A huge amount of Bitcoin (BTC) has been reportedly stolen by hackers from a crypto exchange. Hackers have attacked the U.K-based cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa and stole over 336 BTC from its wallet. After reporting this hacking activity, the crypto exchange has immediately taken notice and has halted all of the other transactions related to cryptocurrency.

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According to the company, the malware had been installed on the computer which is used for exchange transfers. So when an employee of the exchange tried to log into the account, the hacker got notified via this malware and stole this amount of BTC from the wallet via two transfers.

Company files Cybercrime incident report

The CEO of Cashaa Kumar Gaurav explained that one of the blockchain wallets that the company was using for storing Bitcoin got compromised as a result hackers stole 336 BTC from it. The crime has been reported to the crime bureau of Delhi by the company. Filing a cybercrime report, the company also provided the acknowledgment number to the crime bureau which is 20807200031555.


Kumar says that the company is now investigating the overall damage that the incident has caused:

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“We are still investigating the damage caused by the incident and suspend all the withdrawals for 24 hours. We have called the board meeting to decide whether the company will bear all the losses.”

Adding more to it, he said that the reason behind rising hacking activities is that hackers have got confidence from those crypto exchanges who facilitate such launderings via their systems and do not take action. He believes such kinds of exchanges should be banned.

Indian exchanges have shown quick support to Cashaa

Various crypto exchanges are supporting Cashaa on this occasion. The crypto exchange has received immediate support from major Indian crypto exchanges such as WazirX and CoinDCX.

According to Kumar Gaurav:

“We are glad that all majors exchanges in India like CoinDCX, WazirX and Bitbns as well as international Exchanges like Binance have shown their quick support. “

The company is trying that the hacker could not succeed in selling bitcoin on any of the crypto exchanges. Therefore, it is tracking these stolen funds.

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