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Dosh Review 2020 Legitimate or Cash Back Scam MyLooking for an honest Dosh App Review? Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you money for shopping, dining out, and booking hotels and travel activities with more than 100,000 merchants and brands nationwide.

You probably already heard about apps that give you cash back. The most popular one is most people know about is iBotta. However, there is new app is giving Ibotta a run for its money, and for good reason. This company not only allows you to get cash back on everyday purchases, but no receipt scanning required!

Heard enough? Click here to get started with Dosh and get a $5 sign up bonus. Or continue reading our Dosh review below.

Short Description about Dosh

  • Get cash back on everyday purchases with the Dosh app.
  • No receipt scanning required!
  • One of the easiest and best ways to save money.
  • Best part? The app is totally free!
  • Get a free $5 bonus for signing up

Dosh App Reviews

In this article, we will review the Dosh App and you can see if it’s right for you. Well, to start wouldn’t you want to start getting paid for doing the things you already do?

Dosh is pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Dosh Review 2020 Legitimate or Cash Back Scam My

How Does Dosh Work

Simply download the Dosh app, securely connect your credit and debit cards, and live life as usual. Every time you use those cards, Dosh searches for available offers. If it finds one, Dosh automatically redeems the offer and converts it into cold, hard cash, then deposits it directly into your Dosh Wallet. You don’t have to do a thing.

Connect your card

Securely link your credit and debit cards. Whenever you pay with your linked cards, Dosh gets you cash back.

Shop and dine out

Pay with your linked card at 1,000s of stores and restaurants, and get up to 10% cash back automatically in your Dosh Wallet.

Get paid to refer

Refer your friends to Dosh and get $5 for each one who signs up and links a verified card. Click here to get a $5 sign up bonus now.

Transfer your cash

Do what you want. Transfer your cash to bank accounts, PayPal, or donate to charity from the app.

Dosh App Referral

Is Dosh Legit?

Dosh is legit and safe to use. You can take a look at how to make money with Dosh by viewing the video review below.

Is Dosh Safe?

1581051104 576 Dosh Review 2020 Legitimate or Cash Back Scam MyYes, we believe Dosh is safe. According to its website, Dosh uses bank-level like security. This company is serious about your security and they make it a point that they protect every piece of data you share with them.

Here are some key security features that the Dosh app implements:

  • SSL Encryption

    The app is secured with 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is protected.

  • Data Safeguards

    Dosh does not store any credit or banking information. All credit card information is tokenized and vaulted using Braintree, a PayPal service.

  • Anonymity

    Rest assured, Dosh does not sell personally identifiable information to any third party.

  • Account Authentication

    Dosh uses Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Dosh Referral Program

Dosh is good about offering a solid referral program. If you haven’t signed up for Dosh yet, you can use this link and get a $5 sign up bonus. You can view the most recent Dosh referral codes here.

Once you are a member, you can invite your friends and get $5 for each friend you refer to Dosh who signs up with your link & connects a verified credit or debit card.

Download Dosh

1581051105 657 Dosh Review 2020 Legitimate or Cash Back Scam MyGet Startedat Dosh

You can download dosh by clicking here and it is available for both Google Play and iOS.

Dosh App Stores

Here are some of the stores the work with Dosh:


Dosh App Reddit

We like to check to see if an app is legit by reading Reddit reviews. Based on some initial research, people are having positive experiences.

The Dosh App even has its own subreddit:
Dosh App Companies

Why Do You Need to Connect a Credit Card?

So they can give you cash! Dosh connects securely with your credit or debit card, then each time you use that card to pay at stores and restaurants, Dosh automatically gives you cash back.

You can link a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. They do not accept prepaid, Discover, or department store cards at the moment.

Also, it is similar to other cash back apps except there is no scanning involved. If you are interested in other savings apps like Dosh you can consider Ibotta, Rakuten, and Trim.

Dosh Alternatives

This wouldn’t be a complete Dosh app review without sharing some of the apps similar to Dosh. If you want to see the best money saving apps in one place, then you’ll be happy to know that we personally tested and reviewed 6 free and paid money saving apps.

And you can filter through the list below to find the best savings app for you that will help you save money.

Managing personal finances is a painstaking task, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to budgeting. Managing your money is the best thing you can do for yourself in today’s unpredictable economy. And, there are several money saving apps that can help you achieve your goal.

Whether you want to save money for a vacation or saving up for a car, it’s crucial you stick to a saving or spending plan.

Here are a couple of apps like Dosh that you should consider using to save money.

Apps Like Dosh

Bank Terms
wikibuySign up Wikibuy helps you find better prices, automatically applies coupon codes at checkout and lets you know when prices drop on products you’ve viewed or purchased.
acorns logoSign up With Acorns, you can invest your spare change automatically and join almost 4,000,000 people saving and investing every day.
1581048151 550 Got 30 Minutes Here’s How to Make 20 Fast Without

Sign up

Trim delivers on it’s promise to save you money effortlessly. You can use it to cancel unwanted subcriptions and bill negotiation.
Ibotta LogoSign up Ibotta is a free app that allows you to earn cash back both in-store and online. It is well worth the little bit of time it takes to download, configure and use.
rakuten logoSign up Rakuten is a must-have. They offer cash back as high as 10% for some stores. So if you are shopping at Target and you buy something for $500, you’ll get $50 in cash back. A must have.

Dosh Review Summary

If you find it difficult to save money, using the Dosh app to help you automatically save can get you on the right track.

By saving money regularly you get in the right habit and start building wealth. I hope you enjoyed our Dosh app review and if you are interested in using the app — good luck!

Get started today by downloading Dosh for free.

1581051105 657 Dosh Review 2020 Legitimate or Cash Back Scam MyGet Startedat Dosh


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