Can Bitcoin Go to Zero?

After facing the biggest price crash on March 12, the leading digital asset Bitcoin could not retrieve what it has lost. Bitcoin has almost lost its value as the safe-haven asset. Many people have even started believing that the price value of Bitcoin might go to zero.

However, there are some people who still have their faith in the leading digital asset and believe that Bitcoin cannot go to zero. Some crypto analysts even say that this is the right time to buy Bitcoin.


Changpeng Zhao says he will not let BTC go to zero

The CEO of the major crypto exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao is one of those who have not yet lost their faith in the leading digital coin.

In a recent tweet, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) says that if you are worried that Bitcoin is heading toward “Zero” then you should stop worrying because he says that as long as he has a penny left, he will not let Bitcoin price go to zero.

According to some people, what Binance CEO wants to assert here is that he can manipulate the whole market if such kind of situation occurs. The crypto exchange has already been involved in manipulation while helping Justin Sun in taking over the Steem company. However, after that, Binance asked for an apology from the Steem community.

“We sincerely apologize for the recent situation involving STEEM, which stemmed from miscommunication about the specifics of the blockchain’s upgrade/hard fork.”

‘Bitcoin to Zero’ Is it Possible?

Though the leading crypto asset is in its tough time, it does not mean that Bitcoin will go as low to zero. It will be a hard task for Bitcoin to dip down to zero. In the past, Bitcoin had faced worst crashes but it did not go as low as people think it can go now. Instead of this, these crashes helped bitcoin to go up and the interest in bitcoin increased as well. So, it does not apparently seem that Bitcoin can go to zero.

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