The open-source Bitcoin payment processor BTCPay Server has received a huge donation from the major cryptocurrency exchange Kraken (read our full Kraken review here) for open-source development projects. Reportedly, the San Francisco-based crypto exchange Kraken has given $150,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in a donation to BTCPay Server.

As an open-source project, BTCPay is completely free, and therefore, it is highly dependent on donations like these to support its developmental projects. Through these donations, this open-source payment processor funds its developers who make improvements in the app.


Largest-ever donation in the history of BTCPay Foundation

As per the announcement from the Kraken exchange, the Kraken’s granted donation marks the largest-ever donation in the entire history of the BTCPay Foundation.  The platform has been receiving donations from various crypto firms and other organizations in the past but this is the big one for the payment processor.

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Reportedly, this massive donation given to BTCPay Server corresponds to the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day of the Kraken exchange. Besides, this payment might also be in correspondence with Kraken’s another move to provide support to its adoption of the technology of BTCPay as the crypto exchange is making integration with BTCPay Server for its trading terminal Cryptowatch. Kraken aims to use it as a payment option.

BTCPay stands out as an Open Source Project

Open-source projects are usually free to use and are not lucrative. Also, anyone can use them freely. According to a Kraken spokesperson, BTCPay Server stands out as an open-source project and focuses entirely on the needs of users. Users can easily get started with it and accept payments in Bitcoin.

Expressing his view on receiving such a massive grant from a big enterprise as Kraken, Pavlenex, a developer at BTCPay Server said:

“Receiving a grant from a company like Kraken feels rewarding for the entire team. A grant of this size puts a greater responsibility and pressure to strive towards excellence with each line of code.”

BTCPay has been receiving donations in the past. Last year, Square Crypto granted a $100,000 donation to BTCPay Server Foundation. OKCoin also granted a massive donation recently. Apart from these firms, various other companies also support BTCPay Server financially.


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