News has spread on twitter that the number of BTC addresses that holds more than one thousand Bitcoins and the number of Bitcoin Millionaires is increased this year.

BTC addresses are holding almost over 1000 coins and these addresses have increased to 2000 this month. Along with Bitcoin addresses and Bitcoin Millionaires, the hash rate of bitcoin is also raised.

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12000 BTC Millionaires out of 36M

It is reported that there are present 12000 Bitcoin Millionaire out of the total 36M.

Willy Woo who is a crypto analyst says that BTC is going to achieve its status as a new global currency as numbers of Bitcoin millionaires are standing at 12000, while the total number of millionaires on this earth is 36M.

He presents a chart for the number of Bitcoin millionaires in the tweet.

BTC addresses holding 1000+ coins hit 2000

Bitcoin has not only got good numbers of millionaires but also its number of addresses has hit a huge number. BTC addresses have touched the figure of 2000 in this month.

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The news was reported by Glassnode on twitter through a graph representing the number of BTC addresses.

In this year, many BTC addresses have increased. The name of the Bakkt program is also listed for the upcoming BTC address because this platform intends to store bitcoins.

These addresses contain more than one thousand bitcoin and these numbers are increasing day by day.

 Hash Rate also Hits high

Along with BTC addresses and millionaires, the Bitcoin hash rate has also scored better. Hash rate is basically a measure of network security and computing horsepower. And it has increased its number to 110.19 EH/s which is its all-time high performance.  Previously, it was standing at 100 EH/s.

This year, the price of bitcoin has seen a fall of 40%. In spite of this fall, Bitcoin has succeeded to show such a brilliant performance. The number of Bitcoin addresses and millionaires are not going to stop from a further increase.

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So, if these numbers continue to grow constantly then it has a chance to become a global currency in the future.


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