Bitcoin hash rate records high this month and is close to reach 120,000,000 tera hashes per second (TH/S).

Though bitcoin is currently facing a fall in its price and has not shown satisfactory performance in this regard yet its hash rate is showing a high record performance.

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Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits all-time High

The Bitcoin Network hash rate has succeeded to set the all-time high record in the month of October.

According to the data from, the Bitcoin hash rate has hit 114 quintillion hashes per second on 23rd Oct 2019.

This has now become the all-time high record by the Bitcoin network hash rate. It has broken its previous all-time high record was 109 EH/S.

The chart for the bitcoin hash rate is given below:

This hash rate represents a measure of the overall computing power that is needed to secure the bitcoin network.

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Bitcoin Hash Rate is close to 120,000,000 TH/s

Bitcoin network hash rate is now very near to reach another all-time high milestone that is 120 quintillion hashes per second.

The Bitcoin hash rate has been setting new high records since the start of the year 2019. From the beginning of this year, it is noted that the hash rate of bitcoin has increased to the high numbers by an average of almost 140%.

The CoinMetrics data shows that the Bitcoin hash rate is sitting at 115 exam hashes per second and it continues to reach all-time highs.

If the hash rate of Bitcoin continues this performance in the upcoming days then it is expected that it will soon reach the milestone of 120 quintillion hashes per second.

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Bitcoin Price is not showing Satisfactory Performance

The world’s leading cryptocurrency is not showing good performance as its price is struggling in the market.

Bitcoin price is falling by more than $500 during one day and it has decreased down at its lowest value during the last few months.


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