Bitcoin for the first time crossed the most-hyped level of $10,000 since the beginning of the new year. Analysts are active to speculate about the next targets the bitcoin is going to attain. A crypto strategist Joe Saz made a very bold prediction for the digital gold: bitcoin is going to achieve six figures, $300,000, in the next bullish cycle.

Bitcoin was struggling hard to break the intense resistance between $9,800 and $10,000. But the recent bullish move was strong enough to bulldoze the hedging point and rise above the key figure of $10,000.

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Joe Saz stresses the fact that the bullish cycle that is predicted by many of us is now happening and the disbelief run is active. ‘’I’ve been talking about Bitcoin having been in a disbelief run or phase of the bull market, and I think that’s still happening right now,’’ he says.

Bullish Projection to $300k

While talking to BlockTV, during an interview, Saz made out very eye-catching speculation about Bitcoin. According to him, BTC will get the mark of a $300,000 as a result of the bullish cycle.

 ‘’My intense bullish projection is around $300,000 Bitcoin until this market bubble bursts. So I think we’re going to have another bubble, probably in two to three years from now. I think Bitcoin is going to break six figures by far, and $300,000 is my estimation, probably more like the mid $300Ks. But I think this is the bull run that takes us to those beautiful numbers.’’

He also remarked about what bitcoin has to face while clinging to six-figures number. There will be several pullbacks in the coin price value before it will reach to $300k. These upsets will hedge the path before halving or during the halving point.

Saz commented:

‘’It could happen as early as April. We do have tax season so who knows there could be a lot more upward pressure on the price through tax season as we’re entering that proximity and closing that distance to the halvening…

$14,500 is my low target by April. At this point, it’s looking like a low target. But overall, I think we have a couple of pullbacks along the way but I believe this is the bull market that’s going to take us to six figures.’’

Pompliano’s Prediction for 2021

On the bullish move, bitcoin analysts are not leaving behind in commenting over the bullish coin behavior. The co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano also seems very positive and claims that BTC will get to $100,000 by the end of 2021.

‘’Bitcoin just hit $10,000. I still think that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 by end of December 2021.

Fixed supply. Increasing demand. Time will tell.’’

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