An anonymous ID has shared predictions about the future bitcoin price. His previous two predictions came true but failed for the month of October. He gave the target of $16,000 in his prediction for this month.

Speculations are just like ‘Thin Air’

Speculations are just like thin air that might be possible or not. These are not complete or perfect guesses about the future. No one can tell about what will happen in the future and there are a lot of possibilities.

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Crypto fans are always very curious about the price of bitcoin because this change affects the whole crypto markets as well as other altcoins. A lot of experts and analysts give their speculations about the coming price. But some are successful and most of the guesses become dreams.

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Anonymous Person

An anonymous person shared his estimation by using the platform of BitcoinTalk in the month of January. According to his estimation, the target for April was $5,300 and the target for July was $9,200. Both of these targets were achieved by Bitcoin successfully and the predictions of him took practical shape.

The goal for October is $16,000 according to the same post. But if we see the current position of BTC, it was currently standing at $8,200 that is half of $16,000.The current value is far from the target value, so, it seems that his speculation about the price of Bitcoin is failed. However, the whole month is remaining and the value may jump and cling at the mark of $16,000.But it seems very difficult according to the past data.

Some experts claimed that value will further go to the level of $7,400 and then rise to an unprecedented level. As next year is halving year and a great rally is expected on the part of digital gold. John McAfee speculated that great rally will drag the value to the mark of $1 million.

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