This unnatural spike of Bitcoin price wondered everyone in the markets of cryptocurrency.

The Economy of the state is drowned in a very critical condition from past years due to ineffective policies, and short-comings of government. As a result, the price of goods and products increased, which ultimately results in the hyper-inflation condition in the country.

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Masses of people are seeking another resource, to preserve their wealth such as digital currency. The state government has warned its citizens regarding cryptocurrency, as it is a risky investment, due to its volatile nature. Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in 2018, checked the transactions in bitcoin, and also warned its users due to its risky-nature.

In June, Zimbabwe banned on foreign currencies, due to the decreasing power of their state currency. People moved towards Bitcoin, causing its price to reach the highest position, breaking the previous records. Masses’ adoption of bitcoin reached its climax position in June 2019; when inflation of economy increased to 175%.

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Golix exchange’s director, Confidence Nyirenda, expressed his views about the coming rush of masses towards cryptocurrency.

So, we have seen a lot of people coming to us saying, ‘I want to move X amount of money’ or ‘I want to purchase a car in Japan,’ stuff like that, and We are accommodating them. So, it’s really a huge advantage to our side and I think also it will enhance our business in the long run.


This above-mentioned exchange became victim last-year; when banks checked bitcoin. They have some concerns about cryptocurrency; which are clarified by Confidence.

The major issues that they had with the use of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies were people getting scammed and also had the fear of money being laundered through bitcoins.


All those issues were their major and primary concerns, but we also had solutions on how to work on that. But, they did not want to accommodate what we were trying to put across on the table as a contribution.

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A senior analyst, Mati Greenspan, reported the premium increase up to 600% in bitcoin price.

Zimbabweans are willing to buy bitcoin a 1000% premium rate due to hyper-inflation state in the country. This continuous spike in the price of bitcoin is dependent on the economic stability of Zimbabwe. This can take a back speed; when the official currency will get the power.


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