The popularity of the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is on its peak as the coin is continuously gaining mainstream attention. The top-ranked digital asset has been mentioned again in the popular Television show “Billions”. However, it is not the first time that a cryptocurrency has been mentioned in this popular television drama series. In most cases, whenever Bitcoin is mentioned in any drama series it is mostly linked with illegal activities such as money-laundering etc. and is taken in a negative sense.


Billions kicks off with Bitcoin

Billions is a famous Wall Street drama premiered on Showtime that is centered on finance. The story revolves around a series of activities and clashes between a US Attorney Chuck Rhodes (a role played by Paul Giamati) and Robert “Axe” Axelrod who is presented as a billionaire in the drama. The fifth season of this famous television drama series is going on and in its latest episode, the leading digital asset Bitcoin was featured. This is how it all happened: “…and for what? So your multitude of computers can solve abstract math equations resulting in the mining of Bitcoin, worth millions right now but backed by what? Nada, nix…zat.” said Rhodes during an interrogation.

The statement of Chuck Rhodes shows that he considers Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin value ridiculous and wildly unreasonable. However, it still remains unknown why the writers of this drama series have mentioned Bitcoin in the script of Billions.

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Mainstream adoption for Bitcoin

The mention of Bitcoin in the television drama Billions indicates that the top cryptocurrency is beginning to go mainstream which is the ultimate goal of this decentralized digital currency.

Over the past few months, the public interest for Bitcoin has also been on the peak and now it has been mentioned in a popular television series. This means that everything is going in favor of Bitcoin. The upcoming Bitcoin halving is also near which will have a major impact on Bitcoin mainstream adoption.


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