The bitcoin is currently hovering below the crucial mark of $10,000.It is struggling to cross it but still, there is no great movement is seen in the trend line.

But on the other hand, many crypto enthusiasts and experts are very much optimistic about the BTC and claiming that BTC surge will wonder everyone through its hallmark pace that is $100,000.

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Bakkt Futures disappointed Crypto Fans

It is said that the current dumping of Bitcoin is closely associated with Bakkt because futures are officially established on Monday on this firm. It is reported that expected results are very different from actual results.

People had so many expectations but on the other hand, it showed very poor performance. It is recorded that the volume of the first day is just 70 bitcoins on Bakkt. It is very low as compared to CME where first day volume was 5298 bitcoins.

$100,000 before December 2021

The analysts are speculating very positive trends on the part of digital gold. However, the current position is very weak as compared to the predictions but they have a firm belief in their statements.

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As the tweet state tweeted under the name Plan B that signals a greenish trend. According to him, the price will go above the figure of $100,000 before December 2021.

The above statement is further supported by Anthony Pomp, founder of Morgan, who said the value will reach the hallmark of $100,000 at the end of 2020.

But the contradiction between the two statements is a bit confusing as one has the goal to achieve the very mark at the end of 2021 while the other one has at the end of 2020. But the point is that the coming year will be proved as a game-changer for BTC.

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The halving may be a potential factor for the pumping of price and in achieving a great upsurge. Because recently the Tokenhell is reported that Jesse Powell, CEO of Krakan, claimed $100k or $1m is the goal.

When I hear people talking about a bitcoin “correction” I’m thinking $100k, maybe $1m. That’s what’s correct.



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