What are Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin Futures are an agreement to buy or sell an asset with a specific price on a particular date in the future. These contract is based on the price of Bitcoin and investors can predict the future price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin futures will be proving more helpful with the influence of the Bakkt future program. Bitcoin financial futures specify the selling or buying of any asset with a predetermined price with a decided date in the future.

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They have earned great importance in the crypto world. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have proved to be volatile investments.

These futures  can be traded now by those who cannot make their position strong in the field of Bitcoin cryptocurrency due to compliance regulations. There is also a risk of mitigation and hedging possibilities in the Bitcoin futures.

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Importance of Bitcoin Futures

Investors and traders of cryptocurrency have nervousness regarding the price of Bitcoin in the market as the crypto fear and greed index has shown the extreme fear among the crypto traders. But the Bitcoin futures are giving following facilities to investors:

  • These are presenting the viable and regulated means for traders and investors of cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin futures are also helpful up against the fluctuating price of Bitcoin in the market.
  • We can also see transparency, price discovery, and risk management capabilities in Bitcoin futures for the investors and traders of the cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin futures contract will also give permission to the individual of the crypto market to get easy access to the bitcoin market.
  • Futures also provide hedge as well for the exposure of bitcoin pricing.

Bakkt Program

Bakkt is a platform that was founded by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2018.

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The company of Bakkt was initially planning on the launch of its Futures exchange in 2018 but the launch date was delayed because of the issues of the volume of interest and the work required to perform its services.

But now the Bakkt is going to launch is futures exchange in the next month because now the company has got the facility of Bakkt warehouse which will provide its services in these matters.


Bitcoin futures are really getting more importance day by day and are proving useful for investors and traders of the cryptocurrency. With the release of Bakkt futures trading contracts, these will get more dominated in the market of cryptocurrency.


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