The Physically-settled bitcoin futures contract platform Bakkt has disclosed more details about its crypto trading application.

Bakkt plans to launch its crypto trading app also known as consumer app this year. Therefore, it has revealed more details about it.

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What are the details revealed by Bakkt

The details about Bakkt’s crypto trading app are shared by the president of Bakkt, Adam White.

According to the report of The Block on 22nd Jan 2020, the president of Bakkt Adam White says that the upcoming crypto trading app of Bakkt will support all type of digital assets. White says that this consumer app classifies digital assets as “any form of value that is digital”. It involves Bitcoin, virtual goods, equities, and many others.

This app will not only allow retailers to accept bitcoin payments but also serve as an all-inclusive fin-tech solution. While describing the general state of crypto space, White said that there is a need for a “killer app” that fastens the crypto adoption. He said:

I don’t think we are there yet. However, what gives me optimism is that we are seeing numerous developer interest. I firmly believe that someone is going to find something.

All digital assets are supported on Bakkt app

The Crypto trading app of Bakkt is designed to support all digital assets. The Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Bakkt Mike Blandina says that we have designed this consumer app in such a way that it will support all types of digital assets and will fix the lacking areas in the consumer crypto payments system. As Mike Blandina says:

A key feature of the model we’ve designed is to support a superset of digital assets, including cryptos, as seamlessly as investors transact in stocks in retail brokerage accounts. Our vision is to provide a consumer platform for managing a digital asset portfolio, whether they wish to store, transact, trade or transfer their assets.

Bakkt is developing its crypto trading app and will release it later this year. This consumer app will promote crypto adoption.

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