The very developments in the crypto ecosystem have so much significance because their results affect the whole crypto community and the firms related to digital currency. Currently, some big news is circulating in the market which might be beneficial for your knowledge as well as for your business.


So, let’s talk about digital gold, the major cryptocurrency in the market by trading volume. According to a new report by CoinMetrics, data collector, Bitcoin’s daily move is estimated to be almost $2.33 billion. However, it is still below the value recorded in 2017, the highest transfer value per day in the entire history of BTC.

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The adjusted transfer value has surged to its peak level and increased from $2,000 in 2010 to the current level of $2.33 billion today. This growth can be compared with the traditional GDP of economic activity. But CoinMetrics tries to convey the reasons behind the fail compatibility between these two congruous entities.

As per the report:

“Although adjusted transfer value is likely directionally correlated with GDP, it likely overstates the true GDP figure perhaps by several orders of magnitude because of two reasons.

One, transactions involving the purchase of goods and services are likely a small fraction of total activity.

Two, of the transactions that involve the purchase of goods and services, this metric does not exclude the purchases of intermediate goods (i.e. a product used to create a final product), which are explicitly excluded from the GDP calculation.”

The report also stressed that the miners need to sell BTC worth $6 billion to break even.


The ConsenSys, the developmental studio has unveiled a new overview with updated features of the month of October and a good change is observed about the development.

It is estimated that nodes of almost 89 countries are currently active at the Network and 2,625 different dApps are working while 200,360 developers are connected with the Ethereum Network.


Ripple brought a piece of good news for its users because they have developed a separate system for making cross-border contracts for clients across the borders.

Ripple firm designed this application to connect the clients across the borders and the users can also monitor their transactions in fiat currency as well as a digital currency.


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