Bitcoin is now going to be accepted as a payment method by Mark Cuban’s NBA team.

The Dallas Mavericks have acclaimed that Bitcoin would serve as a payment method in the processes of tickets and merchandise. In NBA, the Sacramento king is the first team who accepted the Bitcoin (BTC) in 2014 and that is the reason that it is now being followed by the Dallas Mavericks.

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Followings are the words of their proclamation

The Mavs will utilize the service provider BitPay to process all Bitcoin purchases. BitPay, the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, offers the Dallas Mavs’ global fans a seamless experience to purchase tickets and merchandise with the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.


This statement of Dallas Mavericks attests their claim to use Bitcoin as a payment method.

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New initiatives in Bitcoin’s adoption

Bitcoin is has got a conventional adoption but the developers are now looking forward to make it more conventional that is why they are going to apply some new initiatives for the adoption of Bitcoin and their other digital cryptocurrencies. These new initiatives have caused intrigues in sports fans and they are trying to use their cryptocurrencies in different ways.

An education event for cryptocurrencies in Los Angeles is being advertised by an NFL player whose name is Russell Okung.

Charlie Lee who is the founder of Litecoin (LTC) has made some measurements in the form of partnerships in order to make LTC as a mostly used payment method.

Mark Cuban, who is currently known as a crypto enthusiast and billionaire entrepreneur, was selected as a majority owner of Mavericks in 2000. Mark Cuban states his prediction about Bitcoin’s value. He says that the rally of Bitcoin price may reach up to $15000 or it can come down to zero as well. He believes that this change in the price of Bitcoin can occur in a single day.

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He also points out the fact that in terms of value, Bitcoin, being a famous digital cryptocurrency has greater leverage over gold.

The good news about Bitcoin is there’s a finite supply that will ever be created. And the bad news about gold is they’ll keep on mining gold.



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