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Cash and credit cards still dominate the payment system but we have seen a mobile payment trend within retailers. Money transfer apps allow you to send money to someone from your phone quickly and easily.

In 2020, you have a ton of apps for sending money online, and more solutions are popping up daily. So you can definitely find a payment app for you, whether you’re looking to send money for a friend, or find an app that allows you to pay in-store without pulling out your credit cards when it’s time to pay the bill.

Best Payment Apps to Get in 2020

Are you looking for the best payment apps to get in this year but confused about which one to use? You are in the right place because this article will help you in learning about the best payment apps in 2020. Let’s start!

1. PayPal

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PayPal is the best ever app to send payment online from your PayPal account. It is used on a larger scale to send money to and from your U.S. bank account to any receiver, whether local or international. When you want to send money to any of your family member or a friend, you can use the PayPal app to send money instantly. The best thing about PayPal is that is doesn’t deduct any money transferring fee from you, no matter how much money you send. However, the would charge you the fee if you are making the transaction through credit card. They will also charge some fee for converting currencies.

PayPal works with: Android and iOS

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2. Venmo App

best money transfer appsVenmo is another secure payment transferring app that you can use at any time to send or receive the payment. The best and most amazing feature of the Venmo app is that it can be synchronized with your Facebook account as well as phone contact.

In this way, you can easily select a person to send the payment and to request money. You can use Venmo on your mobile phone and thus, you don’t need to use your laptop or desktop PC to transfer payments. In this way, Venmo makes the payment experience easier and simpler. In this app, once you send money to someone, their contact information saved in the app to use later at any time.

Venmo works with: iOS and Android

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3. Square Cash App

best money transfer apps

It is just like a digital wallet for all the people who need to make transactions or payments. It is a very simple way to send money to anyone you want and without paying any money transferring fee. Another feature of square cash is that you can add as much money as you want through bank accounts and cards.

When you use this card to send the payment, the specified cash amount will be withdrawn from your linked account and the transaction will process. It also allows you the opportunity to buy and sell bitcoin which is an amazing feature. You can check out this Cash app review for more info.

$5.00 Bonus: As a new user use referral code KPHNBSJ for a $5.00 free (use during signup) and after sending $5 to another friend using a newly linked debit card within 14 days. Use this link to claim your free $5.00 bonus.

Square Cash works with: iOS and Android

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4. Zelle

best money transfer appsZelle is one of the best apps that you can use to make payments directly from your bank account. You can simply download the Zelle app and connect it to any of your bank accounts.

Once it is linked to your account, you can easily send money to your family and friends. The best thing about Zelle is that you can even send the money without downloading the app.

Zelle works with: iOS and Android

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5. Google Pay

best money transfer appsGoogle has made our life easier than before by providing everything at the blink of our eye. Just like other amazing features of Google, its Google wallet allows you to send money instantly to anyone you want. If you have an account on Google, you can easily sign up for Google Pay. The infrastructure is very easy to use and there is absolutely no fee for sending money to someone.

Google Pay works with: Android 

Google Pay Send works with: iOS and Android

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6. Facebook Messenger

best money transfer appsJust like Google, there is nothing that we cannot do with Facebook. Along with a number of benefits of Facebooks, you can now use your Facebook account to send the payment. For this purpose, you can easily link your debit card to it and send money to anyone you want.

Just like other high-end apps, Facebook respects and keeps your privacy. When you send money to someone, they just show your name, profile picture, and the amount sent. The same transaction comes in your bank account details within 5 business days.

Works with: Android and iOS

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7. Apple Pay

best money transfer appsYou can store credit credits, debit cards, coupons, and other online passes on the Apple Pay app on your iOS devices. Simply add your cards to the app and you are able to pay using Apple Pay at millions of retailers across the US and internationally.

Another feature that is worthwhile is the Apple Pay Cash, which allows you to store money on your phone to use at stores that support Apple Pay. You can also send money through iMessage to pay friends or family.

Don’t worry about security. Your funds are protected on your phone with a PIN or Apple ID’s touchID or faceID features.

Works with: iOS (built-in)

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Are Money Transfer Apps Safe?

So many of you may be wondering how safe it is to use Venmo or other apps like it. I have been using these money transfer apps for the past few years without any problems. I wanted to search online and see if other people have experienced any issues with these payment apps. I found a YouTube video from Will Kelly who had $3,000 stolen from him from Venmo (#2 in our list).

Sending Money Internationally

A number of money transfer providers are developing their own apps to offer a more convenient way of sending money across borders. 

However, the choice can be confusing and overwhelming, considering the plethora of mobile money transfer apps available on the internet.

So, which one should you pick if you want to send money internationally? Which one can give you the best user experience and convenience? Which one can you trust?

See our list of the best international money transfer apps that are available right now, as well as why you should use them.

Best Mobile Payment Apps Summary

Smartphones like iPhones and Android phones can be used for so many things from making you money to paying for purchases.

While overall, mobile payments are safe — you should follow some proactive measures to make sure your financial information isn’t at risk when you’re using apps to transfer money. If you wanted to learn how to keep safe, you can check out these tips to follow for safe mobile transactions.


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