Scams via fake Bitcoin QR code generators have been on a rise this month and reportedly, an amount of over $45000 worth of 7 BTC has been stolen from users in just a single month by this network.

Around 9 fake Bitcoin QR code generators were involved

According to the report from ZDNet, this network of scammers involved around nine fake bitcoin QR code generators which have been used in this fraud to scam people.


In a tweet on March 21, Harry Denley who is a security researcher identified two domain names that were linked with the QR Bitcoin scammers and were hosting fake applications using QR code.

After that, the security researcher Harry Denley has now managed to find out another seven domain names as well which had a connection with QR bitcoin code scammers. These malicious website domains are  “,,,,,,,, and”

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Denley said that these malicious fake websites were created by the same scammer who created the first two domains for running fraudulent activities. According to the ZDNet report, these QR codes were generated for five different bitcoin addresses.

Three different servers hosted these websites

Furthermore, Harry Denley pointed out that these websites were being hosted by around three different servers. According to Denley, these three servers host over 450 such kinds of “shady-looking” websites.

These websites were using Gmail, coronavirus, and other different cryptocurrencies as key items and were showing ads for crypto gambling sites. Such kinds of websites are definitely scams.

Apart from this, these three servers were also hosting “Bitcoin transaction accelerators.” According to the ZDNet report:

“Besides the QR code generators and websites showing ads for the gambling sites, the same three servers also hosted a so-called “Bitcoin transaction accelerators.” These types of sites ask users to enter the ID of a Bitcoin transaction and promise to “accelerate” the transaction’s approval process on the Bitcoin blockchain.”

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The scams involving QR code generators are lifting up and they are continuously achieving success in defrauding people. Users should be careful of fake bitcoin QR code generators to avoid being scammed.


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