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You’re in for a treat once you learn about the best real estate apps that every investor needs on their phone.

Technology has so many applications nowadays. It’s difficult to find an industry that’s not influenced by the advancements in technology.

The real estate sector has undergone many changes because of technological progress. It’s now common to see buyers browsing the Internet for properties. Realtors utilize social media and online marketing strategies to grow their network and engage clients. Real estate transactions can be initiated and completed using a mobile device. 

Without a doubt, technology has changed the real estate industry in so many ways.

Real Estate Investing: Benefits of Apps and Tools

If you think that you can only use technology to buy, rent, or sell a house, think again. One more way you can leverage technology in real estate is by investing through various apps and tools. 

These apps and tools will make it easy for you to invest in real estate. 

best real estate apps

1. Roofstock App

Instead of meeting up with real estate agents, start using Roofstock when buying rental properties, you need to sign up and create your investor profile. The Roofstock app is designed for people who want to invest in single-family rental homes. 

Roofstock is a unique app that lets you:

  • Buy and rent out properties for passive income
  • Diversify your portfolio by allowing you to purchase properties that can immediately give you a steady flow of income

2. Fundrise App

Fundrise is another crowdfunding platform suitable for new real estate investors because of its initial minimum investment of $500. Similar to CrowdStreet, investors pool their money to buy residential and commercial properties. 

Download the Fundrise app to:

  • Access and monitor your Fundrise investment account’s performance
  • Explore real estate investment options
  • Be updated with the latest real estate developments in your newsfeed

3. CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet is a crowdfunding platform that lets regular folks invest in the real estate industry, which was once reserved for wealthy people. 

CrowdStreet is an online marketplace where you can choose from available real estate investments.

  • CrowdStreet is an excellent platform for investors who want to diversify their portfolio with real estate assets
  • It offers valuable information to make real estate investments easy to understand

4. Stessa App

If you’re already into real estate investing, you need a tool to keep all your properties in check. Stessa is an online tool that lets you monitor and analyze all your real estate-related investments in one place. 

It also provides the latest news and valuable information to real estate investors. Among the different things that you can do with Stessa, here are the most important:

  • Monitor all your properties anywhere in one platform
  • Manage income and expenses of properties
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Organize and keep crucial real estate documents

5. Zillow App

If you’re searching for an app that lets you compare realtors in your area, Zillow app is your best bet.

The Agent Finder tool of Zillow helps you search and filter real estate agents by star rating. The Zillow app offers plenty of features that every real estate investor can use, such as:

  • Access multiple listings right in your mobile phone
  • Compare the costs of similar properties by generating price reports
  • Monitor if your existing property is sold and discover new real estate assets to put your money into

6. Xome app

Investors and real estate agents can utilize the Xome app by installing it on an iOS or Android-powered device. 

The Xome app may seem like the typical run-off-the-mill online real estate tool at first glance. But, what sets Xome apart from other apps is their auction feature. You can look up auctioned homes and make a bid before the general public sees the listing.

7. BiggerPockets App

BiggerPockets is an online resource suitable for new and experienced real estate investors. BiggerPockets.com aims to help regular folks build their wealth by investing in real estate. Download the app to engage with the BiggerPockets community. The BiggerPockets app is beneficial when you want to:

  • Build your real estate network
  • Listen to podcasts for actionable tips and insights to guide you in your real estate investment journey

8. Auction.com App

Auction.com claims to have the largest selection of foreclosure and bank-owned residential properties. Using the Auction.com app, you can start searching their listings wherever you are. 

Simply create an account at Auction.com and download the app to start bidding on investment-worthy properties from your mobile phone. 

The Auction.com app also lets you:

  • Receive real-time updates and notifications for properties on sale through the Foreclosure Interact™ feature
  • Communicate with real estate agents through the app
  • Access the Property Information Report and Title Information of selected properties 

9. Ten-X Commercial App

The rise in the number of real estate apps is a testament that technology is powerful. Buying and selling real estate in the past required the buyer and seller to transact face-to-face. Ten-X Commercial uses data-driven technology to improve the way electronic transactions are performed. 

You can take advantage of Ten-X Commercial’s extensive network of properties for buying and selling real estate and live bid feature allows you to get a sale on your preferred close date 

10. Property Fixer app 

Not all real estate investing apps are about putting your money in investment trusts and foreclosed properties. Property Fixer app is the mobile app if you’re into flipping houses and want to find out whether a property is worth investing in. 

Property Fixer app also has a property analysis tool and a holding period tool so that you can determine how much profit you can earn from fixing a property. 

11. 10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator App

A real estate calculator can make your life as an investor easier. A standard calculator may suffice, but 10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator is a tool that’ll make computations simpler and more accurate for real estate investors.

Compared to a standard calculator, 10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator is a business calculator that lets you compute the following quickly:

  • Loan payments, amortization, and interest rates
  • Time value of money feature helps you with discounting and compounding calculations
  • Cash flows and business percentages 


Investing in real estate is a very lucrative venture. Fortunately, the availability of real estate investing apps and tools make it easier to diversify your portfolio of assets, whether you’re an experienced or new investor.



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