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Anyone can post on social media and gain a lot of followers, but turning those social media followers into customers is another story. Establishing relationships with your target audience that converts to sales is key to monetizing your social media platforms. Your business could have a huge fan base, but if your followers fail to convert, the complete marketing strategy becomes useless. But don’t worry. With the following tips, you will surely be able to boost your social media conversions and turn your social media followers into customers.


As your followers increase, take out time to find out who they really are, and what do they care about. What bothers them? What do they like? What they do for a living? Researching your followers is important for two main reasons. First, you can personalize your connection with them and improve your relation. Second, if you do not have a clear picture of your ideal client, then start formulating one. Or, if you do have a clear picture, you can check how well you are attracting them and even more importantly, how you can serve them better.

Communicate on a Personal Level

Everyone likes to feel special. What you need to do is send your followers a tailored and personalized message that includes a short and simple call to action. Begin the message by mentioning something that you find interesting about your follower. Keep it precise, and make it about them. Example, check out the simple call to action on Millennial Money Guide’s Resume Writing Service landing page. It’s clear and precise, just as it needs to be.

Introduce New Stuff Thoughtfully

Introducing thoughtful content is key to converting followers into customers. If you are not sure how to do that, here are a few questions for you to answer:

  • Which of your social media networks send the highest leads?
  • Which posts did best?
  • What is the ideal time(s) for posting updates
  • What is the demographics of your followers (location and age)?

Sure, it will be tempting to promote your brand at every chance you get, but you should not stop engaging, interacting and offering great content to your followers. You can throw in some products and special offer announcements in-between interactive posts. That way, they will surely be more impactful.

Strike the Right Balance

Posting thoughtful content, promoting, and engaging with your followers can be very overwhelming. However, the secret is to find the right balance. Constantly asking questions or continuously bombarding your followers with promotional content will only make them feel bored, or worse you will just end up annoying them. If you usually post pictures on your feed, switch it up by posting a video. In addition, you can stand out by experimenting with some of the new social “features” such as Instagram Stories in order to get more views on your page

However, if you keep balancing all types of connections, your followers will be more eager to return and engage more with you. They will be curious to see what you have in store for them.

Use Hashtags

Hashtagging is a great way to provide a strong call to action. When you post content on any of your social media accounts, ensure all posts include a strong call to action in the form of a hashtag. Some of the popular forms of call to action is to ask your followers to incorporate “tag a friend in the post”, “hit like and share” and “sign up today for free” to receive newsletters/emails. If you are also running a blog regularly, make sure to promote your blog posts via your social media platforms by asking your followers to “click the link in bio” to read the full story. Example, Millennial Money Guide uses the hashtag #meetmillennials for their Meet Millennials series. It has since caught up and participants in the series utilize the hashtag grow the brand.

Generate Loyalty

By now you must have figured out that loyal followers equal loyal customers. However, in order to promote loyalty in your customers, you as a business owner should take the first leap. But how can you show loyalty? All you need to do is be frequent and consistent with your content, and show concern for your followers. Post regularly: whether this means on particular days of every week, or a particular number of times every day. The point is to keep your followers hooked on your content. It is alright to take some time off, but make sure to share that with your audience. For instance, let them know that you will be inactive for certain amount of time, that you will miss them and that you can’t wait to start sharing once you are back. This shows that you value their connection and time.

Similarly, show your concern by letting them know that their opinions matter to you. Follow up when they ask you a question or leave a comment. Continue showing your concern, just like you would with your everyday friends.

Provide Exclusive Deals

Exclusive content is the king of social media marketing. It strengthens your relationship with your followers, encourages them to interact with your brand on personal and long-term, basis. Make them feel special by offering exclusive deals that will make them keep coming back, over and over. Such deals don’t have to be complex, rather keep them fun and simple. For instance “10% off on our brand new makeup – exclusive for our Instagram followers”.

Arrange a VIP Experience

A great way to converting your followers into customers is to invite them to something personalized and fun. For example, invite your Instagram followers to a Q/A session or host a live chat with your Facebook followers. You can do the same with other sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc. Make sure to let them know when to send in their questions.

Promote Your Followers

Promoting your followers is a surefire way to gain credibility, give back to your followers, and strengthen your relationship with them. This doesn’t mean mentioning every follower in your tweets. Instead, pick a specific day of week and use it to promote a follower and explain why you value them.

Count on Social Proof

Testimonials go a long way in reminding your followers about the services and products that you offer. In addition, it shows that others found your services valuable. So encourage your followers to share their feedback, and share the reviews on other social media platforms, on your website, etc.



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